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PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic
PURION UVC Box Small Basic

PURION UVC Box Small Basic

Basic - without monitoring level

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Everyday objects such as smartphones, wallets, keys, watches or even eyeglasses get too little attention as far as hygiene is concerned. Hands are exposed to a variety of germs throughout the day. In the office, suburban train, doctor, restaurants or even when shaking hands. These germs are constantly transferred to the most used objects in everyday life. As a result, hand washing usually becomes useless, for example by directly using the smartphone again. With the UVC BOX from PURION, these objects can now also be disinfected easily and quickly without much effort. Due to the reduced germ load, an effective contribution is made to not being infected with diseases.

The PURION UVC BOX SMALL series is ideal for disinfecting and sterilizing everyday objects. The UV-C light reliably kills germs, viruses and bacteria by dissolving the DNA compounds of these microorganisms.

The PURION UVC BOX SMALL is characterized by simple and uncomplicated handling. Low power consumption, long lamp life and low-maintenance operation round off this high-quality UV-C system.

Whether in the office or at home, the PURION UVC BOX SMALL is a product "Made in Germany" and makes with its simple design and the built-in UV-C technology, high-end laboratory technology accessible to everyone.

Due to a wide voltage ballast, this system is designed for a voltage range of 230V and equipped with a Euro plug and can therefore be used flexibly.

This UV-C disinfection system from PURION consists of a steel housing made of cold-rolled SPCC steel with a lockable glass door. A 10 W PURION UV lamp is mounted inside for an optimal disinfection effect. The control unit is located inside the housing.

The Basic version of the PURION UVC Box has only an on and off function. A minimum irradiation time of 5 minutes is recommended, with a disinfection power of 1,440 J/m². In order not to miss the optimal time, the Plus version of the UVC Box is recommended.

Technische Daten

HerstellerPURION GmbH
Gewicht7 kg
Strahlernutzungsdauer10.000 h
Anzahl der Strahler1 / 2 (Extra)
GehäuseschutzartIP 54
Elektrischer Anschluss110 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Leistung10 W / 2 x 10 W (Extra)
Absicherung10 A
Desinfektionsleistung1,440 J/m² at 5 min irradiation duration
Dimensionen (L x B x H in mm)312 x 310 x 264


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- UVC box
- UV lamp (10 W)
- Instruction manual


  • PURION service kit
  • PURION UVC lamp 10 W


Häufig gestellte Fragen

For which area of ​​application was the UV box designed?

UV-C disinfection box is suitable for sterilization of devices and objects that are subject to the use of a germ load. These include cell phones, jewelry, office utensils, laptops, TV equipment, hairdressing items, medical needs, coins, and much more. Covered areas or those that are in the shadow of other objects are only reached very badly or not at all and are therefore not fully disinfected. The UV-C boxes extra and ultra are therefore equipped with a UV-C lamp on the ceiling and on the bottom of the box. A disinfection on both sides is possible and the disinfected objects do not have to be turned.

Which materials can be disinfected in the box?

"The disinfectant effect is strongly dependent on the irradiated material and the nature of the surface. Metal and glass are harmless with regard to the UV radiation. However, the long-term radiation of plastics can result in a change in the polymer structure, which, for example, in the form of porosity or discolouration can express. "

Which UV-C dose is used?

Our UV-C boxes work with a dose of 1,200 J/m², calculated based on a term of 15 minutes.

Which installation conditions need to be observed?

No installation conditions are to be met. The system is equipped with a door contact switch so that the UV lamps are immediately switched off when the door is opened.

Do UV-C emissions arise?

The UV-C emissions of the boxes have been checked and are permitted according to the latest requirements. The viewing window of the box door is not permeable to UV-C light.

Is ozone released?

Our high-quality UV-C lamps are designed in such a way that no wavelengths are released below 250nm. As a result, there is no ozone and the UV-C boxes can easily be used in rooms with public traffic or offices.

Can this system overheat?

The UV lamps used in the UV-C boxes cannot overheat.

Why does the UV-C lamp have to be changed after 10,000 hours even though it still works?

Each UV-C lamp has a technical drop in the UV-C performance. The manufacturer guarantees that the system will reach 60% UV-C output after 10,000 hours. The specified data on the systems always refer to this 60% performance. However, the drop in performance continues to increase from a term of 10,000 hours. Therefore, the lamp still works, but there is no longer enough UV-C output for an optimal disinfection result.

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