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PURION 400 110 - 240 V AC OTC
PURION 400 110 - 240 V AC OTC
PURION 400 110 - 240 V AC OTC
PURION 400 110 - 240 V AC OTC
PURION 400 110 - 240 V AC OTC
PURION 400 110 - 240 V AC OTC

PURION 400 110 - 240 V AC OTC

Plus - with service life monitoring

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Where space is at a premium, the PURION 400 feels at home. The compact design of only 23.7cm in length makes it possible to install it in the smallest motor home. The built-in UV-C lamp with 10W ecologically and economically prevents disease risks that could arise from the water at campsites or gas stations. With a capacity of 300 l/h, this system is dimensioned to provide even larger motorhomes with a stable supply of sterilized drinking water. The big advantage is that the water is not changed in smell, taste or composition. Important minerals remain in the water and do not have to be added additionally. There are no disinfectants in the water. The low-maintenance and extremely power-efficient 10W lamp also saves time and money. In the future, enjoy all the benefits of having a mobile home without worrying about germ contamination of your drinking water.

Due to a wide voltage ballast this system is designed for a voltage range of 85-264V and can therefore be used in many different countries. The system is equipped with a Euro plug and can also be used with an adapter (not included) for other types of plugs.

This UV-C disinfection system from PURION fulfills all technical requirements of the drinking water ordinance. The used stainless steel 1.4571 is also used in the food industry and therefore meets the standard. In compliance with the prescribed maximum flow rate, the required UV-C dose of 400 J/m² is achieved with a UV-C transmission of 90% T1 cm. This UV-C system thus achieves a disinfection rate of 99.99%, which is required by law. For trademark protection reasons, this system does not have a DVGW certificate, so in individual cases it must be clarified with the health authority whether the UV-C disinfection system can be used.

Technische Daten

HerstellerPURION GmbH
ReaktorEdelstahl 1.4571
Anschluss AußengewindeR 1/2"
Durchsatz300 l/h drinking water
Dimensionen (L x B in mm)237 x 42
Flanschabstand172 mm
Gewicht1 kg
Strahlernutzungsdauer10.000 h
Anzahl der Strahler1
Dosis400 J/m²
Maximale Temperatur 40 °C
GehäuseschutzartIP 65
Elektrischer Anschluss110 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Leistung10 W
Absicherung10 A
Wassertemperatur2 °C bis 40 °C


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- UV disinfection system
- UV lamp (10 W)
- Instruction manual


  • PURION service kit
  • PURION mounting set singles type 1
  • PURION UVC lamp 10 W
  • PURION immersion pipe system T400


Häufig gestellte Fragen

At what point does the UV-C system have to be installed in the drinking water cycle?

A UV-C disinfection system is always the last link in a water treatment chain, since the path to the withdrawal point should be kept as low as possible. Water filters in particular offer ideal conditions for settlement by bacteria. The freshly disinfected water would therefore germinate again if it would continue through the drinking water cycle after going through the UV-C system. Printing boilers should always be installed in front of the UV-C systems.

When do I need a life of life?

A service life monitoring is recommended for all users who do not permanently let the system switch on. A change of the lamp is recommended every 10,000 hours, since the manufacturer also does not guarantee the performance, i.e. the amount of UV-C radiation dose required for safe disinfection.

Does the system automatically switch on the water flow?

The UV system should be permanently switched on for various technical reasons:
1.) The UV system needs about 1 minute to achieve full performance.
2.) When igniting the lamp, as much energy is required as for operation over two hours.
3.) Each on and off cycle is at the expense of the service life.

How do I know which UV-C system is the right one for me?

The correct dimensioning of the systems is not based on the maximum daily consumption but the expected maximum point of time and is therefore dependent on the performance of the pump.

What should be considered when installing 12V DC and 24V DC systems?

It should be noted that no power supplies with powdered voltage are used, which means that the system can suffer irreparable damage.

Can the system be operated with photovoltaic panels?

Yes, that is possible. However, the use of a battery is always recommended to ignite the lamp. In addition, a solar controller should always be used.

Do you recommend fuel germination?

No, we advise flow reactors, as the maximum distance between the water to disinfect and the UV-C lamp is precisely defined. A tank collision system can only ensure a complete disinfection if it has a previously calculated revolution. In addition, flow reactors are much more efficient.

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