Can the system overheat?

With the hot water systems Purion 1000 h and 2500 h, there is no risk of overheating because the lamps are designed for these temperature ranges.

How do I know which UV-C system is the right one for me?

The hot water systems are installed directly into the circulation, the maximum flow speed is therefore directly dependent on the performance of the circulation pump. For houses of 5 residential units, we recommend the Purion 2500 H. Our customer service will be happy to determine the ideal dimensioning of the necessary system.

Why does the UV-C lamp have to be changed after 8,000 hours (only for hot water systems) or 10,000h (for all other systems), even though it still works?

Each UV-C lamp has a technical drop in the UV-C performance. The manufacturer guarantees that the system will reach 60% UV-C output after 10,000 hours. The specified data on the systems always refer to this 60% performance. From a term of 10,000 hours, however, the drop in performance continues to increase, but the lamp still works, but there is no longer enough UV-C output for an optimal disinfection result.

Can these systems be reliably used to eliminate legionella?

Special amalgam lamps are installed in Purion's H series, which have a high effectiveness in hot water. As a result, legionella can also be killed in larger water flows.

What do I need a sensor for and to what extent does it differ from the life of life?

A UV-C sensor is used to measure the UV-C output released directly on the lamp. This ensures significantly higher security for the user, since a drop in performance is directly signaled. This can be too bad transmission or a natural drop in performance of the lamp due to the eore of the recommended maximum operating time of 10,000 hours.

Which UV-C dose is used?

We use a UV-C dose of 400 J/m² for safe disinfection. This performance is sufficient to achieve a disinfection quota of 99.99% in compliance with the given flow rate and transmission. Thus, water from a tank or container can be prepared precisely.

When do I need a life of life?

A service life monitoring is recommended for all users who do not permanently let the system switch on. A change of the lamp is recommended every 10,000 hours, since the manufacturer also does not guarantee the performance, i.e. the amount of UV-C radiation dose required for safe disinfection.