Self -sufficient installation

At which point must the UV-C system be installed in the drinking water circuit?

A UV-C disinfection system is always the last link in a water treatment chain, as the distance to the tapping point should be kept as short as possible. Water filters in particular provide ideal conditions for colonization by bacteria. The freshly disinfected water would therefore become contaminated again if it were to continue through the drinking water circuit after passing through the UV-C system. Pressure vessels should also always be installed upstream of the UV-C systems.

When do I need lifetime monitoring?

Lifetime monitoring is recommended for all users who do not leave the system on permanently. Changing the lamp every 10,000 hours is recommended, as the manufacturer does not guarantee performance beyond that, i.e. the amount of UV-C radiation dose required for safe disinfection.

Does the system switch on automatically when water flows through it?

The UV system should be switched on permanently for various technical reasons:
1.) The UV system needs approx. 1 minute to reach full power.
2) When igniting the lamp, approximately as much energy is required as for operation over two hours.
3) Each on and off cycle is detrimental to the service life.

How do I know which UV-C system is right for me?

The correct dimensioning of the systems is not based on the maximum daily consumption but on the expected maximum peak rate and therefore depends on the performance of the pump.

What has to be considered when installing 12V DC and 24V DC systems?

It is important to note that no power supplies with pulsed voltage are used, this can cause irreparable damage to the system.

Can the system be operated with photovoltaic panels?

Yes, it is possible. However, it is always recommended to use a battery to ignite the lamp. In addition, a solar controller should always be used.

Do you recommend tank sterilization?

No, we advise flow-through reactors, because this way the maximum distance between the water to be disinfected and the UV-C lamp is precisely defined. A tank disinfection system can ensure complete disinfection only if it has a previously calculated circulation. In addition, flow-through reactors are significantly more efficient.