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Purion purion purion purion PURION 1000 PVC-U 12V/24V DC Basic Salzwasserpools UV-C-Reinigung.
Ein schwarzes PURION 1000 PVC-U 12V/24V DC Basic-Rohr mit einem gelben Ventil darauf, entwickelt für die UV-C-Reinigung der PURION GmbH in Salzwasserpools.
Eine PURION 1000 PVC-U 12V/24V DC Basic Blaulichtröhre auf weißem Hintergrund, die UV-C-Reinigung bietet.
Purion purion purion purion PURION 1000 PVC-U 12V/24V DC Basic Salzwasserpools UV-C-Reinigung.
Ein schwarzes PURION 1000 PVC-U 12V/24V DC Basic-Rohr mit einem gelben Ventil darauf, entwickelt für die UV-C-Reinigung der PURION GmbH in Salzwasserpools.
Eine PURION 1000 PVC-U 12V/24V DC Basic Blaulichtröhre auf weißem Hintergrund, die UV-C-Reinigung bietet.

PURION 1000 PVC-U 12V/24V DC Basic

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With one PURION 1000 P, the health benefits of a salt water pool can be enjoyed to the full. Salt water is very gentle on the skin, it protects the skin from drying out and is very beneficial for the mucous membranes in the eyes. This is why cleaning with chlorine is absolutely not advisable for this particular type of pool. The advantages of salt water are offset by the disadvantages of cleaning with chlorine. The UV-C cleaning process with the PURION 1000 P is much better in ecological and economic terms. UV-C light dissolves the DNA bonds of algae and bacteria so that they are considered dead. With the PURION 1000 P, the UV-C cleaning process can be used for a pool of up to 10m³. In contrast to the use of chlorine, the composition of the water is not changed in any way. Especially with a product as valuable to health as a saltwater pool, it is therefore essential to clean the pool in a way that is compatible with health.

The PVC reactor makes this system suitable for salt water. As the welded seams of stainless steel are attacked by the salt, there is no alternative to PVC for salt water.

To keep a pool permanently free of algae, the pump and UV-C system must be correctly matched. At least three times the pool volume should flow through the UV-C system during the day. The maximum flow rate of 3m³/h should not be exceeded, as this would result in the water no longer being disinfected correctly. In certain cases, it is necessary to run the system for longer: This is urgently required after heavy rainfall, for example, or if the water has been standing in the pool over the winter.

In an unfavorable initial situation with a lot of algae, it can be advantageous to use a biological flocculant to support the UV-C system.

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Technical data:
HerstellerPURION Ltd.
AnschlussR 1"
Durchsatz3 m³/h Pool water
Dimensionen (L x B in mm)420 x 50
Flanschabstand255 mm
Gewicht2 kg
Strahlernutzungsdauer10.000 h
Anzahl der Strahler1
Dosis400 J/m²
Maximale Temperatur 40 °C
GehäuseschutzartIP 65
Elektrischer Anschluss12 V / 24 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Leistung17 W
Absicherung10 A
Wassertemperatur2 °C bis 40 °C
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Scope of delivery:
- UV disinfection system
- UV lamp (17 W)
- Operating instructions
Adapter sets and fittings:
To the adapter sets
  • PURION UVC lamp 17 W
  • PURION service kit
  • PURION immersion pipe system T1000 PVC-U
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Frequently asked questions:
Can this system overheat?

The Purion's pool systems are not exposed to overheating problem if the UVC system should be switched on, but no water flow takes place.

Does the system automatically switch on the water flow?

No. We recommend that the UV system always put the UV system into operation in combination with the pump, which uses the full flow for disinfection. Since the system has a relative large diameter, there is no failure, the pump should be defective and this does not lead to water flow when the UV lamp is switched.

How do I know which UV-C system is the right one for me?

For an optimal effect, we recommend changing the entire pool content at least three times a day. However, the system should be in operation at least 8 hours a day so that there is also sufficient ventilation and filtration. The circulation rate is therefore based on the respective performance of the pump used and sand filter. The net performance of the pump can be reduced by cable lengths and heights to be overcome.
Also interesting: In our compact systems, the pump, sand filter and UVC system are ideally coordinated and already pre -assembled.

How long does the system have to run to keep a pool with algae?

There is a simple calculation for this: the pool content should flow through the UV-C system at least three times a day in order to kill a large part of the algae by mixing a corresponding mixing. If the algae growth is reinforced, for example, if the phases of extreme solar radiation or after strong rainfall or a thunderstorm, we recommend the circulation rate to four times upheaval.
Regardless of the circulation rate, we recommend that the system have min. 8 hours a day in operation in order to enable sufficient ventilation and filtration.

Is chlorine also required for pool cleaning?

If all three basic recommendations for the use of UV-C system in the pool area, the pool can be operated completely without chlorine. If necessary, the selective application of a biological flocculation means is worthwhile. However, our high-quality UV-C lamps allow a combination of chlorine and UV-C, since no ozone is created that would be reactive with chlorine.

What distinguishes Purion's UV-C systems?

The high-quality UV-C lamps of the Purion brand are durable and very powerful. They produce a very high UV-C content. The lamps we use in the pool area are also used in other facilities in drinking water preparation. The UV lamps used do not emit any radiation below 250nm, which excludes the formation of toxic ozone. Thus, the Purion systems can be used in combination with other preparation procedures that e.g. chlorine.

Do you recommend the use of ozone?

No, from our point of view, ozone should not be used in the pool area under any circumstances. Ozone is highly toxic. Excess ozone has to be destroyed again, whereby it is usually unclear how much ozone is left. In addition, Ozon reacts with chlorine, so that the effect of both procedures is greatly reduced. Cheap produced UV lamps often also emit radiation below 250nm, which means that ozone can be formed. This is excluded from the Purion systems.

Why does the UV-C lamp have to be changed after 10,000 hours even though it still works?

Each UV-C lamp has a technical drop in the UV-C performance. The manufacturer guarantees that the system will reach 60% UV-C output after 10,000 hours. The specified data on the systems always refer to this 60% performance. However, the drop in performance continues to increase from a term of 10,000 hours. Therefore, the lamp still works, but there is no longer enough UV-C output for an optimal disinfection result.

When do I need a life of life?

A service life monitoring is recommended for all users who do not permanently let the system switch on. A change of the lamp is recommended every 10,000 hours, since the manufacturer also does not guarantee the performance, i.e. the amount of UV-C radiation dose required for safe disinfection.

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