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UV disinfection with PURION products
Care beyond cleaning
Disinfection with care
We make the clean difference
You deserve the best quality
Environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and reliable
Care beyond cleaning
Because you deserve the best quality
safe drinking water
for home supply, hotels and mobile application
pure swimming pleasure
in your fresh or salt water pool
clean room air
in offices, communal areas, sensitive areas, production halls, and food storage facilities
Targeted disinfection
of surfaces and objects in communal and sensitive areas
Water analysis
the free UV-C transmission measurement

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Everything has sprung from the water!

Water is one of the most important resources of our earth, a food without which we humans cannot exist. Therefore, "Living with Water" wants to raise awareness for a responsible use of this precious commodity through its information, tips and products.

As a licensed representative of PURION UV systems, UV Concept shows a way to ecologically compatible water treatment. With energy-saving equipment at reasonable prices, your water will literally be washed, whether for your pool, pond or self-sufficient drinking water supply.

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