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Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active
Compact system active

Compact system active

Plus - with service life monitoring

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Packaged in a high-quality aluminum frame, PURION's compact system active is a complete water treatment chain. The system incorporates a particle pre-filter with a washable nylon filter cartridge to remove suspended solids. Additionally, an activated carbon filter is integrated to remove odors, improve taste and absorb carbon-based chemicals such as acetones. The last component in the water treatment chain is the UV-C system, which disinfects the water with a sterilization rate of 99.99% - this complies with the German Drinking Water Ordinance.

Furthermore, this system includes a 12V pump, which is adjusted to the performance of the UV-C system. Approx. 30 seconds after starting the UV-C system, the pump switches on, which ensures that the UV-C lamp has enough supply to reach full power. The system is also equipped with a service life monitor, which signals when the lamp needs to be replaced.

The system can be operated via the 12V connection with a 12V power supply, cigarette lighter or a photovoltaic panel. The complete system is housed in a robust aluminum frame and is already completely pre-assembled. Due to the simple integration, the complete system can be changed by means of supplied tools or without tools.

Technische Daten

HerstellerPURION GmbH
ReaktorEdelstahl 1.4571
Durchsatz400 l/h drinking water
Gewicht11 kg
Strahlernutzungsdauer10.000 h
Anzahl der Strahler1
GehäuseschutzartIP 65
Elektrischer Anschluss12 V / 24 V 50 / 60 Hz
Leistung14 W
Absicherung8 A
Maximaler Betriebsdruck10 bar
Leistung Pumpe48 W
Dimensionen (L x B x H in mm)480 x 300 x 420
Wassertemperatur2 °C - 40 °C


Zum Download stehende Dokumente


- UV disinfection system
- UV lamp (14 W)
- Instruction manual


  • PURION service kit
  • PURION UVC lamp 14 W


Häufig gestellte Fragen

Why does the UV-C lamp have to be changed after 10,000 hours even though it still works?

Each UV-C lamp has a technical drop in the UV-C performance. The manufacturer guarantees that the system will reach 60% UV-C output after 10,000 hours. The specified data on the systems always refer to this 60% performance. However, the drop in performance continues to increase from a term of 10,000 hours. Therefore, the lamp still works, but there is no longer enough UV-C output for an optimal disinfection result.

When do I need a life of life?

A service life monitoring is recommended for all users who do not permanently let the system switch on. A change of the lamp is recommended every 10,000 hours, since the manufacturer also does not guarantee the performance, i.e. the amount of UV-C radiation dose required for safe disinfection.

How do I know which UV-C system is the right one for me?

The correct dimensioning of the systems is not based on the maximum daily consumption but the expected maximum point of time and is therefore dependent on the performance of the pump.

What should be considered when installing 12V DC and 24V DC systems?

It should be noted that no power supplies with powdered voltage are used, which means that the system can suffer irreparable damage.

Can the system be operated with photovoltaic panels?

Yes, that is possible. However, the use of a battery is always recommended to ignite the lamp. In addition, a solar controller should always be used.

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